3 Symptoms of a Failing Heat Pump Compressor in Essex, MD

A compressor is the part of the heat pump that moves refrigerant via a refrigeration cycle. A faulty compressor can lead to the decline of your system, ultimately resulting in the pump requiring HVAC replacement services. This article explains how a tripped breaker, insufficient heating and and strange noises can be symptoms of a failing compressor in Essex, MD.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker tripping frequently is one of the symptoms of a faulty compressor. A compressor in poor condition will consume too much power when it starts, causing the heat pump’s circuit breaker to trip. A tripped breaker can lead to an overheated compressor, and it can weaken other parts of an HVAC system.

Poor Heating and Cooling

Another symptom of a faulty compressor is a heat pump that cannot heat or cool effectively. If your heat pump releases cool air when the heating settings are on and warm air when the cooling settings are on, the compressor is likely faltering. A compressor must alter liquid refrigerant into gas for a heat pump to function.

Odd Sounds

Your compressor may be experiencing severe problems if you notice it making strange noises, such as buzzing or vibrating sounds. These sounds could indicate a failing motor, which is a serious issue you will need an HVAC professional to address. If your compressor is silent, it may have valve problems. In either case, schedule heat pump repairs right away.

A tripped power breaker, inadequate heating and unusual noises can be symptoms of a failing heat pump compressor. If ever you detect these symptoms, know that our HVAC service technicians will work hard to meet your needs in Essex, MD. Contact Hughes Mechanical, LLC to get more information about our heating repair or maintenance services. We’ll repair your heat pump and restore your comfort without adding stress to the situation.

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