Debunking 3 Misconceptions About Ductless AC Systems

Ductless air conditioners are versatile and extremely efficient home comfort options. Nevertheless, some myths persist about these systems that might prevent homeowners in Parkville, MD, from giving them a chance. Let’s take some time to refute three myths about ductless AC systems.

They’re Fragile

Those who look for a streamlined way to stay cool and don’t want to deal with massive ductwork may certainly find mini-splits appealing, but some think that the smaller size makes these systems fragile. If we’re to judge their toughness by the average length of their service lives, ductless mini-splits hold up very well relative to traditional central HVAC systems. On average, a mini-split will function reliably for about 20 years, which is roughly five years longer than the lifespan of a standard HVAC system.

Of course, like any other sort of HVAC system, mini-splits will require occasional repairs and maintenance. Concerning the latter, we recommend scheduling a tuneup at least once per year. This is crucial if you want to stretch their service lives to the maximum.

They’re Loud

We assure you that noise will not be an issue if you decide to get a mini-split. Each of the system’s indoor air handlers will come with its own variable-speed blower, and this blower will push out air at rates appropriate to your comfort needs at any given moment. Throughout, this process will be very quiet.

They Cool Unevenly

Unless you explicitly want it to do so, a ductless mini-split won’t cool your home unevenly. Mini-splits can cool your entire home according to a universal temperature regime. If you so desire, they can also bring different zones in your home to different temperatures if you have a multi-zone setup.

With so many misconceptions out there about ductless mAC systems, homeowners in Parkville, MD, may end up ignoring a truly wonderful tool in favor of something less suitable. If you’ve decided that you want to go ductless, call Hughes Mechanical, LLC today and schedule ductless AC services.

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