3 Signs of a Home Water Leak in Essex, MD

Plumbing leaks are annoying and, depending on where they happen, potentially devastating to the structural integrity of your home in Essex, MD. Therefore, it’s extremely important to figure out when they’re happening and to do something about them. To arm you with some useful knowledge, read on to learn three signs there’s a water leak in your home.

High Water Bill

Unless you’ve done something to account for a sudden spike in your water bill, it should remain relatively consistent over time. If you notice a sudden jump in your water bill but know that you haven’t been using more water than usual, you should at least begin to suspect there’s a leak somewhere.

Closely examine some of the more obvious places from which a leak might spring, like your kitchen or bathroom faucets. If you don’t notice anything, the leak is probably somewhere in a deep and difficult-to-reach area in your plumbing system. You’ll need to ask a professional to find the leak and perform some maintenance by tightening and sealing your pipes.

Wet Floors or Cracked Walls

These signs indicate that you have a leak that poses a threat to your home. Wet floors or carpets might mean that you have a slab leak, which can be especially hazardous. Another possibility is that there’s a problem with your sewer line, which can threaten to bring all sorts of unwanted filth into your home.

Similar things follow if you notice that your walls have wet spots on them. For example, a pipe behind the wall may be leaking. In extreme cases, a long-unaddressed leak somewhere else may have caused a part of your home’s foundation to shift, creating cracks in your floor or walls.

Foul Smells

One particular unpleasant consequence of severe leaks — especially those taking place behind your walls or beneath your floor — is the emergence of some terrible musty smells. Water is a breeding ground for bacteria and other biological organisms. This might produce bad odors.

Never sit by idly and allow a water leak to ruin your Essex, MD, home. Call the professionals at Hughes Mechanical, LLC and ask for plumbing services today.

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