Should I Invest in a Boiler, Furnace or Heat Pump Installation?

Are you building a new house in Baltimore, MD, or need your current heating system replaced? Choosing the right heater for your unique comfort needs can lower heating and repair costs over the system’s lifespan. Read on to learn whether you should invest in a boiler, furnace or heat pump installation.

Boiler Installations

Boilers heat water until it’s hot enough to use for heating. The hot water flows through the pipes into the radiators around a house. Boilers often use natural gas or oil to operate; the former is cheaper to use. Installing a boiler with an electronic ignition instead of a constantly running pilot light can save energy and money.

  • Control temperatures in each room easily with individual radiators.
  • Don’t require filter changes like furnaces and heat pumps.
  • Aren’t as energy-efficient as the highest-rated furnaces and heat pumps.

Furnace Installations

Furnaces operate using oil, gas or electricity. They use fuel to heat a set of coils. A motorized blower then blows air across the coils, warming it and sending it into your living spaces through a series of ductwork. A furnace’s Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating measures how efficiently a furnace can heat a house.

  • Powerful and effective at heating a home faster.
  • Integrate well with a central air conditioning system.
  • Shorter service life than boilers and heat pumps.

Heat Pump Installations

Heat pumps are the newest of the heating systems listed. They use electricity to pump heat from one area to another and work especially well in climates with milder winters, but hyper-heating options are available.

  • Feature a reverse valve that allows the system to provide cooling capabilities.
  • Have higher energy efficiency ratings than furnaces and boilers.
  • Heat pump installation costs more than installing furnaces or boilers.

To learn more about these common heating systems installed in Baltimore, MD, contact Hughes Mechanical, LLC today. While you might have your eye on a heat pump installation, you won’t know it’s best for sure until speaking with us.

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