Are Ductless Systems Better Than Space Heaters in Bel Air, MD?

Trying to stay warm during the winter with space heaters can be a pain. They introduce safety hazards to your home and can’t provide enough heat to keep your family comfortable. Here are a few reasons to consider making the switch from space heaters to a ductless system in Bel Air, MD:

Improve Energy Efficiency

Space heaters are usually utilized alongside your existing HVAC system. They can provide small amounts of complementary heat in your living room and bedrooms. It would take several units simultaneously using your electricity continuously to keep your home warm.

Ductless systems, on the other hand, come with efficient automatic start and stop programs to limit your energy usage. They’ll only run when you need them, which keeps your family comfortable and your bills lower.

Protect Indoor Air Quality

Space heaters only provide heat and can’t improve your air quality. Depending on the model you use, your system could actually create harmful fumes or carbon monoxide. Ductless systems use washable air filters and other features to pull contaminants from the air and keep your home clean.

No Safety Concerns

You likely already know that using a space heater comes with an assortment of risks. You can’t run these systems when you’re asleep or leave them unattended in case they’re knocked over and catch something aflame. Luckily, ductless systems are as safe as any other traditional HVAC system.

Offer Cooling Functions

Finally, ductless systems are helpful in both the winter and the summer. They can switch to producing cool air once the weather starts to warm up. Once spring arrives, you’ll often pack away your space heater until next year.

Ductless systems are better than space heaters because they lower your energy consumption, protect your family’s safety and improve your air quality. Call Hughes Mechanical, LLC to schedule a ductless system installation in Bel Air, MD.

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